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Cool Website

This is a cool website I stumbled upon and thought to share with you. More the Merrier Monday

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year or whatever traditions you may carry, may they be filled with love, light and laughter!

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We have limited

Be sure to send your checks and make them out to: Sacandaga Digest, 61 Elmwood Ave, PMB 181, Gloversville, NY 12078. We also need to remind vendors to bring extra lead cords or surge protectors for extra outlet use if you think you will need it.
We have limited electrical outlets available but enough to share if we all can bring that extra connection. As we begin to fill up our spaces that are available, we do encourage you to bring your own set up materials of tables/dividers etc. because we only have so many to go around. Also be aware that there are 2 options to choose from online for payment: with table or w/o table. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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Holistic Expo 2013

Holistic Expo

  Spring Equinox

Public Event · By Sacandaga Digest Publishing/Shelley Brienza

RiverFront Center, Amsterdam, NY 

March 16, 2013 ~ 11:00am until 7:00pm

We are sponsoring an event. Our goal is donate to the Regional Animal Shelter of Fulton County, NY. Our theme will be coming upon the Spring Equinox The traditional meaning of holistic is one that is used most commonly in medicine.  It is the idea that all aspects which contribute to a person’s well-being are addressed, including the physical, the spiritual, and the emotional.  We also include the environment and sustainability in our definition of holistic, because our goal is to educate consumers on the effects our choices make on the earth’s ecosystems and to provide access to products and services which are more earth friendly, as well as being safe, natural, and providing positive health benefits. As people’s awareness has grown to understand the inter-connections between mind, body, spirit and soul, or put another way, everything is inter-related, nothing is separate, and we are here to help share all that information with you.

Come and learn how to share your knowledge with others!

Benefits of Exhibiting

  • Offer your services to the public
  • Sell your products or give away samples
  • Meet new people, establish ongoing clients
  • Distribute literature, get leads, expand your mailing list
  • Give lectures, demonstrations, performances, & presentations
  • Educate people about the benefits of your products or services


How Do We Promote You?

Our advertising is widespread and thorough. We ask all attendees how they heard about each event in order to continually maximize the most cost-effective advertising. We allocate over one third of your fees for advertising, including:

Benefit of Becoming a Vendor ($45 + Gift Basket/Gift Certificate (any denomination):

  • Business Card Ad in our national magazine, Sacandaga Sun Digest
  • Press releases sent to area newspapers and media, resulting in calendar listings
  • Links to our website,
  • Emailed event announcements
  • Optional Table and Chairs set up-additional $5
  • Sacandaga Sun TV video channel
  • Listing on our own events listing page online
  • One free month of online advertising following the Expo

At each expo we offer prime booth locations and marketing options to businesses and organizations wishing to expand their advertising package to promote your products and services to the growing holistic community. Contact us for additional advertising options.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please email or call,
Shelley Brienza, at: or 518-705-2521

and we can guide you on the next steps. We accept all major credit cards.

Admission: $5 at the door to get into the event for attendees with one special entry into door prize basket drawing included in entry fee.

We hope to see you there!

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Year, New You with Sacandaga Sun Holistic Digest

As you look to 2013 and start building your case for marketing dollars, consider the following related critical questions:

  • Share of voice/Communication. How does your brand’s presence stack up against your competitive set in terms of not just audience size (number of fans, followers, pinners, etc.), but level of engagement? How engaged are your customers compared to your competitors? How many people are talking about your brand, in what context, and how frequently?
  • Conversations. Are you having conversations with your customers? If not, you need to re-examine your content strategy — conversations put the “social” in social media. Stop speaking at your audience and start speaking with them. Creating dialogues and followers in print will increase your brand affinity and begin to tip the revenue scales in your favor.
  • Advocates. Do you have any “super fans” or “super followers”? If you do, are you leveraging their passion for your brand? If not, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to dial up your earned media and tap into extended audiences who may not use your brand today, but may now be compelled to try it, thanks to Aunt Susie’s glowing recommendation. These wonderful brand ambassadors may be among your fans, simply waiting for you to notice, engage and activate them.
  • Product guidance. Are you asking your customers questions to learn what they like or dislike about your product or service? Social media provides marketers and enterprises access to a huge, free real-time focus group. Organizations need to leverage social networks to help guide product direction, because in the end it will save your company from making timely and costly mistakes. Often you don’t even need to ask; simply listen. As an example, Lands’ End recently changed the zipper on one of its popular children’s jackets, and the comments about the poor quality of the new zipper were deafening in the social space. Lands’ End may not have asked, but I can’t imagine that it hasn’t heard the overwhelming response. I strongly suspect it will be bringing back the old zipper next year. Let Sacandaga Sun Holistic Digest create a marketing campaign for you!
  • Ad Creation. Create an ad that fits in your budget that not only supports you financially, but which speaks to your soul and energizes you. We can help you with this.
  • Consistency. Remember, the choices you make now affect the opportunities you have in the future. Consistent advertising with Sacandaga Sun is key.
  • Ask for help. Start looking for examples of ads or people who already advertise with us and may already be doing what you want. Call them, invite them out to lunch and find out how they got there. Soak up their inspiration. Take notes on their advertising journey with Sacandaga Sun.
  • Educate and Share. Reinvent the way yourself, do what you love, create your "Right Livelihood" and make the world a better place!    
  • Here are some examples that you can work from to create a spectacular advertising campaign with us:
  • 1)   If you are a Health Coach that specializes in gluten free living you could put together an ad of your top 10 gluten free recipes.  Since it is the New Year, you could even offer a special section on gluten free holiday cooking.
    2)   If you are the owner of a yoga studio you could offer ten yoga classes for the price of five and advertise it.
    3)   If you are a Reiki practitioner you could record an audio of a 15-minute meditation with beautiful music playing in the background that the purchaser could download to their mp3 player and advertise it.
    4)   Join forces with another wellness provider to offer a combo-package. As a massage therapist you could partner with a yoga studio giving a combined discount package on both services. You could even include a five or six page report that explains the increased benefits of yoga & massage when done in conjunction with one another and design an ad in Sacandaga Sun for it.
Whatever you decide to do please keep in mind that this is an enormous opportunity to grow your business, (a strategic goal of every business owner).  This is an opportunity to reach clients that you may not have previously reached. We are a national magazine/digest. Having a plan of what to offer, pricing it at a great value and then providing excellent customer service is the perfect plan to build your business during this amazing New Year, New You- Advertising Campaign with Sacandaga Sun Holistic Digest.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be elaborate or complicated. Consider this as another exciting and fun way to market your business while increasing your income potential through Sacandaga Sun Holistic Digest.  No more procrastination! Make the decision now to participate. 

Shelley D. Brienza
Sacandaga Sun Digest Magazine
61 Elmwood Ave., PMB 181
Gloversville, NY 12078
P Think before you print!

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We are a completely integrated media company.

I think as a publisher it's my duty to share where our magazine reaches. Currently we are in Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady, Saratoga, Columbia and Orange Counties. As a national digest, we are also reaching into the state of Kansas.  We have issues direct mailed to specific areas that have shown a great interest in what we represent. We ARE an ad niche publication. We are a completely integrated media company.

Know Where Your Target Market Really is and How We can Help you Grow!

We will be holding special events beginning in 2013. We have newsletters to keep you up to date and to help share your message with ours. We offer complete marketing packages for businesses from advertising in a publication that reaches your target market specifically to creating a branded, uniform look for your business. We have the option for mini commercials created tailored to your business. We sell business cards, letterhead, brochures, cards, custom publications, tee shirts, tote bags, and more. We also build and design websites, host them and sell domain names. We are here for the business like no other.

Live simply.
Love generously.

Care deeply.

Speak kindly.

Leave the rest to God.

Author Unknown

"With each issue of Sacandaga Sun comes some information that tweaks my interest, whether it is a spiritual lift or a holistic product I can try.  Keep them coming!" Sandy-Amsterdam, NY

You might want to consider becoming a part of our events.

All of our events will be really, really fun or educational for the body, mind and spirit.

In addition to print advertising, where can you meet face to face with your audience? In a world filled with tweets, websites, email, texting and Facebook postings, it's easy to become detached from the very people you are trying to reach and communicate with. When people get to meet live and in person, it's meaningful because there's not a lot of that in our lives anymore. It's hard to build relationships totally online. That's why with Sacandaga Sun Publishing our events are so popular.

We want to become your one-stop-shop that will develop creative service ends to your business. Currently we are collecting interested persons/businesses/sponsors for our upcoming event in the New Year. If you are interested to participate, donate, or become one of our sponsors, please email me at: for more information. Soon we will be posting the details of our upcoming event, which will also be donating a portion of the monies collected to a needy cause or person.

"I love working with Shelley!  She is always ready to roll up her sleeves and take on any project that will promote, enhance or highlight my business.
When I am feeling doubtful about what I'm trying to accomplish, she is there, always encouraging me and uplifting me, to the point that in my heart
I truly believe all my dreams are possible. In her heart and soul, her joy comes from helping others realize their joy and their dreams.  I feel such gratitude for our business partnership, our friendship, and being a part of Shelley's divine mission and creation... The Sacandaga Sun Digest."
Teri Fernandez-Mitchell
Heart & Light Press

If you know of someone who needs some help or a cause that you love to support, email us with your suggestions. Ideally, we'd like to be able to help everyone and we will try our best.

Thank you for your time and we truly look forward to hearing from you soon!

Blessings sent your way...


Shelley D. Brienza
Sacandaga Sun Digest

Our Services

• Full Color Magazine/Digest Advertising

• Events

• Print Media Products

• Website Design/Build/Hosting/Domains

• Custom Publications

• Donations to Charitable Causes

• Online Presence

• Empowerment for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Ask Sara: Healer or scammer?

Ask Sara is now open! Send your questions to I'll answer a question weekly. Plus call in to ASK SARA on CBS The Sky Radio on Wednesday, Oct 31 at 4 pm PST • 7 pm ET at 248.545. SOUL!

Ask Sara:
I  wanted your opinion on a "healing" I had. I am feeling kind of miffed I guess. Unsure. Confused. I'm embarrassed to share this really but I don't know who to turn to. 

I met this man at a psychic fair who said he was an energy healer. I don't know how these things are supposed to go as I never had one before but he told me things that seem kind of off the wall. He told me that I have a statue in my home that has a demon attached to it. Long story short, he "exorcised it" his words, by asking the entity to leave and go to the divine and is asking I get rid of this supposed statue which he cannot describe other than having blue color on it.

The only thing I could think that is blue is a family heirloom from my grandmother.  I described it to him—he couldn’t describe it to me. Then he told me my grandmother was evil and I should never see her again.  He also told me that "I could sell the statue for you.” Sara, my grandmother is 92. She is very religious and as loving and gentle as can be.

I just wanted to know if he was for real or not? I guess I am probably answering my own questions.


Dear Darlene;

Yep, you called it: this guy’s no healer—he’s a scammer!

Don’t be embarrassed—many folks have found themselves in these situations. One woman I know had a “psychic” tell her she needed to give her $12K and a dead chicken (to bury the money in) so that all her problems would go away. Needless to say, she didn’t do it! 

Of course your “healer” wasn’t authentic—he’s just an expert manipulator of people who are in fear. Glad you didn’t fall for it!

Let’s all declare Halloween 2012 as the day that we become free from all superstitions and all old beliefs about “evil” and all people or ideas that promote negativity or fear!

When you own your own power, and when you learn how to make your own direct connection to the Divine/God/One/All, you are always free from fear,  superstition and misbelief.  Remember: fear is used to control.

Get rid of fear, connect to true Divine and become truly free. This is what I teach, and what we’ll be talking about on Ask Sara.

If you want to learn how to make a direct connection, you’ll find my audio course Be a Divine Conduit for Guides and Angels useful; it walks you through the process, step by step.

Much love,


Monday, October 15, 2012

Dr. Glen Hepker

Our next contributor in Sacandaga Sun Magazine...Dr. Glen Hepker: 

Doctorate degrees in psychology and health and wellness arts; he is an author (A GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN: THE PHILOSOPHY OF TRUE HEALTH - &, individual & marital counselor, wellness coach, and master instructor of tai chi chuan, chi kung, kung fu, and associated health/wellness philosophy and practices...he owns and operates Mason City Tai Chi~Chi Kung~ Kung Fu LLC & Mason City Wellness Center LLC.

In Sacandaga Sun he addresses some of our readers marital questions. We are happy to welcome him!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sara Wiseman

Sara Wiseman will be joining us in our next edition of Sacandaga Sun Digest. I've taken a lot of her online courses recently and asked her if she'd like to submit an article of interest and she obliged.


Author and intuitive Sara Wiseman experienced a spiritual awakening when she unexpectedly received spiritual teachings, which began "the purpose of life is soul growth." She is the author of Writing the Divine, Your Psychic Child, and Becoming Your Best Self (2012). An award-winning singer/songwriter, she has produced four music CDs with her band Martyrs of Sound. She is columnist for New Age Retailer, and hosts Ask Sara with Sara Wiseman on Contact Talk Radio. She offers private intuitive consults and training.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There are many ways that wrapping paper can be reused or recycled

The gift wrap industry earns roughly $2.6 billion in retail sales each year. Tons of paper trash is generated from the gift wrap people use to conceal gifts for Christmas, Chanukah and other special occasions throughout the year. As much fun as all the different patterns of wrapping paper can be, gift wrap is a relatively unnecessary bit of decor, purchased with the intent of being ripped away and discarded.
There are many ways that wrapping paper can be reused or recycled. Here are a few to think about.
1. Save some scraps of paper to use for children's art project at school and home.
2. Use in scrap booking or as an inexpensive matting for photos.
3. Wrap other presents in paper that has been preserved well.
4. Shred the paper and use it as filler in packing boxes or as a decorative filling for gift bags.
5. Use bits of paper to make gift tags.
6. Employ origami and use leftover gift wrap as your paper of choice.
7. Line shelves or drawers with the paper to protect surfaces.
8. Make decoupage holiday decorations for next year.
9. Crumple up the paper and use it to stuff into tall boots so they keep their shape.
10. Trace the pattern of an envelope on the paper and cut out your own envelopes for little notes or holiday greetings for next year.
11. Buy a reusable coffee cup that enables you to change the insert. Use a piece of gift wrap to change the design.
12. Cover a holey bulletin board with a piece of gift wrap for a festive look.
13. Find out which types of paper can be collected by curbside recycling and wrap it up with your newspapers.
14. Add some wrapping paper that's free of harmful dyes to your compost heap.
15. Use paper to line a bird cage.
16. Give paper to the kids to play with. Chances are they can come up with many other great ideas.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012
11:00am until 7:00pm

Featuring Psychic and Intuitive Readings, Card Readings Rune Readings, Teachings on How to Use tools of the trade. Halloween Animals, Healing Stones, Food, Halloween Manicures, Jewelry, Crafted Items, Sacandaga Sun and more!! This is a benefit for the Century Club with proceeds going to fund their programs: Domestic Violence and Literacy.$8.00 Admission. Individual Readers and Practitioners will charge at their booths- Each Practitioner has Also donated an item for a Chinese Auction. We have some really cool things :) We will be hosting an afternoon spell-casting and closing at 7 with a drum circle.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Just a Mix of Good Information

Greener Cleaning

You can make your own line of green products at home. Combine equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle, or mix up a paste of baking soda and water to scrub stains off surfaces like counter tops. Give windows a streak-free shine with 1 cup rubbing alcohol mixed with 1 tablespoon vinegar. Always test your cleaners to make sure they don't scratch or damage surfaces.
Reader suggestion:
Catherine Traiforou Vlasto Add a few drops of Lemon essential oil and it smells and cleans even better! Good topic, thanks for posting!
Quick tip: put your plastic wrap in the freezer to be able to tear the sheet off easily and not fight with unsticking it. Just remember to put it back in the freezer when done! No more fighting with the plastic wrap!
What is the best natural relief for a very sore throat. I gargled with warm salt water, drank hot tea, ate ice cream and am drinking a lot of water.
Reader suggestions:
Merry Dunn Brown I Googled it once and made a mixture of honey and lemon. I'm not sure if there were any other ingredients. I bought natural cough medicine at the co-op for my small granddaughter. It worked great. They might have something for you.
Eileen Konieczny Trahan Hot tea with lemon and honey...keep gargling with warm salt water.
Katherine Zajaceskowski Tylutki Drinking three cups of black tea every morning and taking Day Quill and drinking Airborne usually helps too.
Tara Flanger Caraco I would stick to the ice cream.
Teri Fernandez-Mitchell When I feel I'm getting under the weather or already are, I buy some acai juice. sambazon brand is great because its organic but there is also a Genesis today brand that is great because its loaded with vitamin c and b vitamins...anyway a couple of glasses of that I swear I'm at least 60 percent better the next day and completely better in a few days. I recommend this remedy to everyone! But try the acai juice it really works, warning's a bit pricey.
Lisa Ann .I use honey and lemon, but health food store has slippery elm cough drops that work well too!
Karen Dwyer-Smith Gargle with hot water mixed with 1/4 tsp turmeric powder & a pinch of salt.
I read a great way to keep cucumbers fresh longer is to have a plastic “lettuce keeper” that keeps your lettuce fresh, is to buy another one and you can place up to six cucumbers in it. Amazingly, they didn’t get soft spots and stayed fresh and crisp for almost 2 weeks, just like the lettuce keeps.
A little sprinkle of garlic powder on dog food is good for their health and is supposed to ward off fleas. Garlic can keep pests out of the garden, whether as a companion plant or juiced and used as a spray.
Reader Suggestion:
Heidi Pangratis Ingested garlic is also used to ward off pests on humans. I eat a lot of garlic and never get bit while hiking, camping etc!!

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state. In fact, we all go in and out of a light state of hypnosis throughout the day without even being aware of it. For example, every morning when we wake up and every night when we fall asleep we naturally pass through a state of hypnosis. Maybe you can relate to a Sunday morning when you didn't have to be anywhere in particular. You had woken up, but you weren't wide awake yet. . . . . .you weren't asleep anymore either. You were just resting in that very pleasant in between state. And in that state you could hear a phone ringing, or a dog barking, but you were just so relaxed - you didn't respond to any of it. You could have if you wanted to, but instead
you chose to just hang out in that very pleasant, relaxed hypnotic state.

That is an example of a light state of hypnosis. With the self hypnosis weight loss course I am taking, it all feels natural to me. I've lost 3 lbs so far and they suggest one pound a week to keep it off permanently. My thinking has changed surprisingly in a positive way to the point I want to walk for exercise at least once a week every week, whereas before I couldn't ever commit to that. I am eating more vegetables and fruits. It's like I am making a point to do that now. I've got 5 more weeks of class to go so I will keep you posted on my progress. I would have to say I do recommend this to anyone. It cannot hurt. I lost a total of 13 lbs.

What positive mantra can you share with me today?
Readers Say:
FultonCounty Living Just keep falling forward
Intuitive Medium Deborah "Just keep swimming'.. (said by the "Dory fish in "Finding Nemo' 
Moisten baking soda with a few drops of liquid dish soap and use to cut heavy grease build up.
Add vinegar to your dishwasher in place of a rinse agent to reduce residue and water spots.

Combine 1 part vinegar with 4 parts water; boil in microwave to soften stubborn splatters within, then use a rag to wipe off.

Use it straight to disinfect wooden cutting boards. Worth a money
 Add baking soda to the bottom of the dishwasher to absorb lingering food odors.
 Spruce up silverware by rubbing with a paste of 1 part water to 3 parts baking soda. Rinse well.
Share with me all your tips for well being of the mind, body and spirit or soul. Let's empower each other with healthy lifestyle choices. Enjoy!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm enjoying learning new things...

I've been taking several online courses recently. I am enjoying them very much and am amazed at the results I have gotten thus far.

I'm taking or have taken:

~33 Days to Divine Awakening by Sara Wiseman
~Become a Spiritual Psychic in 28 Days by Sara Wiseman
~Empower Yourself Through Creativity by Shelley Klammer
~Learn to Trust Your Intuition by Steffany Barton, RN
~Manifest Your Soulmate by Arielle Ford
~Permanent Weight Loss with Self-Hypnosis by Rena Greenberg
~The Intuitive Path: 8 Weeks to Awakening by Sara Wiseman
~Write Your Way to Forgiveness and Peace by Dr. Sherry Reiter, LCSW, PTR-M/S, RDT-BCT

Each of these courses has helped me to open up to the Divine. Each helps me learn about myself. My goal is to become the best I can be to help others.


Author and intuitive Sara Wiseman experienced a spiritual awakening when she unexpectedly received spiritual teachings, which began "the purpose of life is soul growth." She is the author of Writing the Divine, Your Psychic Child, and Becoming Your Best Self (2012). An award-winning singer/songwriter, she has produced four music CDs with her band Martyrs of Sound. She is columnist for New Age Retailer, and hosts Ask Sara with Sara Wiseman on Contact Talk Radio. She offers private intuitive consults and training.


Shelley is a Registered Psychotherapist, and Expressive Art Facilitator with strength for counseling women to express their deeper feelings and authentic life visions through art therapy and creative practices. She specializes in inspiring women to find their way into authenticity, self-reliance and passionate, purposeful living through honest and creative self-expression.

Shelley teaches online creative and spiritual practices worldwide. She has created hundreds of expressive art journals, collages, paintings, and drawings, and has developed many simple and profound healing processes for creative self-discovery, life purpose visioning, and spiritual healing.

The compassion, warmth, and depth of understanding she offers as a therapist comes from living, embodying, and moving through the process of spiritual awakening and creative visioning in her own life. Shelley shares her personal journey of creative and spiritual awakening with you in this course, as a lived illustration of how psychological problems can be healed through spiritual and creative practices.


Steffany Barton is a premier psychic medium, spiritual teacher and author who is highly sought after for her angel readings. Part of Steffany's mission is to demystify the spiritual and psychic arts. Through public demonstrations of her work as a medium, along with her classes and workshops, she works to provide individuals with spiritual experiences based in scientific fact. Steffany holds a degree as a Registered Nurse and is also certified in past life regression and hypnotherapy and is a Karuna Reiki Master. She is the author of two books: Wonder Wings and Angels Insight.


Arielle believes that finding true love is possible for anyone, at any age, and she points to herself as living proof. Married for the first time at age 44, she expanded on the set of skills that she used to launch her highly successful Public Relations firm, The Ford Group, and applied them to her love life. She is best known for helping to launch the careers of many best-selling self-help and spiritual authors including Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Dean Ornish, Jon Gordon, Gary Zukav, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, and many others.


Rena Greenberg is the CEO of Wellness Seminars, Inc. She has conducted The Wellness Seminar for Weight Control using Hypnosis with Behavior Modification for over 100,000 people. Since 1990, Rena's program has been reviewed and sponsored by over 75 hospitals and over 100 major corporations, including Walt Disney World, Home Depot and AT&T.

Rena Greenberg is the Author of The Right Weigh: Six Steps to Permanent Weight Loss (Hay House Publishing 2006) and The Craving Cure: Break the Hold Carbs and Sweets Have on Your Life (McGraw-Hill 2007).

The success of her popular and effective wellness and weight loss program has been featured in over 125 national and local network television, newspaper and magazine stories.


Dr. Sherry Reiter is an award-winning educator and poetry therapist who is a perpetual student of the arts and psychology. She teaches at Touro College (Teacher of the Year, 2009) and Hofstra University. At The Creative Righting Center, she counsels and trains helping professionals to achieve poetry therapy certification, and a community of writers, therapists, and educators meet monthly in New York City. Her most recent book is "Writing Away the Demons: Stories of Creative Coping Through Transformative Language" (North Star Press, 2009). Her innovative methods include Poets-Behind-Bars, a long distance writing program for maximum security prisons, long-distance writing therapy, and the international mentoring of helping professionals.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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What are some natural ways to relieve itching on a dog?

Question for you: What are some natural ways to relieve itching on a dog? I know of peppermint oil, tea tree oil, calendula, oatmeal bath, aloe vera, marshmallow, neem, grapefruit seed extract, and flowers of the sulphur. Have also heard of rubbing dry baking soda on to the dogs fur to ease itching and putting some in its dog bed to soak up any unnecessary dampness it may hold. Citronella oil works as a natural insect repellent too. What other suggestions are out there?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sacandaga Sun Digest Fall 2012

Sacandaga Sun Holistic Resource Digest: Sacandaga Sun Digest Fall 2012

This edition is about Living a Balanced Life in Body, Mind and Spirit Health. We discuss holistic ways to live, have our intuitive writers and psychic writers on hand with questions and answers. Our inspirational pages are growing with "feel good" articles. We are offering our first ever contest…

Find out more on MagCloud

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Living a Balanced Life, Body, Mind and Spirit Health

The next edition of Sacandaga Sun Digest will focus on living a balanced life for your body, mind and spirit in good health.

We have some new contributors working with us to help share the word and educate you on your well being.

Pet Helix
Just Cleanse
Heart and Light Press
Intuitive Medium Deborah
Psychic Lisa Ann
Steffany Barton -Angels Insight
Willow Tree Wisdom
For the Health of It
Marianne Reid of the Suicide Prevention Society

Be sure to look for this edition located at Mohawk Harvest Co Op, Just for the Health of It and Beau Monde Hair Salon, Tegeo's Hot Dogs, Post Net and Chef Lomanto's in Fulton County, NY and the Coffee Beanery, Willow Tree Wisdom, in Montgomery County, NY or at Spirit Quest Healing Center in Slate Hill, Orange County, NY. It will also be with Steffany Barton in Leawood, Kansas.

We are happy to be reaching out across the country sharing our vision of empowering people to learn to make healthy lifestyle choices.

We are always happy to hear your suggestions or comments.

Your Editor-in-Chief,
Shelley D. Brienza

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Healthy Tips to Live By

Be sure to consult with a doctor before adding a new regimen into your diet. 

1 oz. Cider Vinegar taken with 1 cup ice water daily is said to burn 21,000 calories a year!

Chamomile: has been used for thousands of years to treat anxiety in the U.S. It has also been shown to he a sleep aid.

Lemon Balm: when combined with other calming herbs has shown to reduce anxiety and promote sleep. When taken alone it has been shown to enhance mood, calmness and alertness.

Valerian: This is a suitable alternative to prescription sleep medications and has been used to treat anxiety and insomnia since the second century. Safe and gentle, Valerian helps you to fall asleep, though you may have to take it a while to see its full effects.

B Vitamins: These are known as the "anti-stress" vitamins because they boost the immune system and allow the body to handle things more effectively. Taking Vitamin B helps to maintain a normal nervous system functions and promotes rest.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Live a Balanced Life

Our next issue will be covering ways to live a balanced life, balanced body, mind and spirit or live in these areas in good health. Do you have a tip you'd like to share with us for publication? Email them in to:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Edition Out

Be sure to get your edition of the newest Sacandaga Sun Holistic Digest. We have decided to move our publication to a new size, the digest size and upgrade our paper quality. Let us know what you think.

June/July 2012

Sacandaga Sun Holistic Resource Digest: June/July 2012

Introducing Deborah the Intuitive! Order to send in your questions! You can write to Deborah via this issue to ask all of your questions about Energy, The Deceased, Heaven, “spirits”, "The Other Side", consciousness, the power of Positive Thinking, the Laws of Attraction, Self-Empowerment,…

Find out more on MagCloud

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I don't know if it is seeing reports like this: 


or if it is just the excitement a storm can bring but my energy is sure jumping. Do any of you get that way when a storm is about to approach? 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Really Need Your Help

I'm going to be putting together an inspirational book and use some of the proceeds towards the Fulton County, NY Regional Animal Shelter as a donation. I'd like people to email me some inspiring stories, quotes or poems that they would like to have considered as a publicized piece in this book. I am hoping to collect all entries by this July 2012. You can email your submissions to:

Please only send original works that you have written yourself. I will create mini bio's for all that submit something and give credit to each of you. Everyone will have the opportunity to purchase the book for themselves also. Thank you.

Shelley Brienza
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Inspirational Book

I'm going to be putting together an inspirational book and use some of the proceeds towards the Regional Animal Shelter as a donation. I'd like people to email me some inspiring stories, quotes or poems that they would like to have considered as a publicized piece in this book. I am hoping to collect all entries by this July 2012. You can email your submissions to:

Please only send original works that you have written yourself. Everyone will have the opportunity to purchase the book for themselves also. Thank you.

Shelley Brienza
Sacandaga Sun Holistic Magazine

Monday, April 16, 2012

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Emotion Code Follow-up

I said that I'd follow thing I can say is that after the treatment I felt really at ease...and that's a good thing. It was like I felt so not like drugged, but a light, floating along, in my day, feeling.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Natural Healing with the Emotion Code and Nikken

by Shelley D. Brienza

Heather Loucks of Broadalbin, NY is an independent Nikken Consultant and Naturopathic Reiki Master energy healer. I went to see her with an open mind and heart to experience her expertise first hand. I have never been seen by any kind of energy healer at all. I wasn't sure what to expect. So I kept an open mind in a way to not have preconceived expectations.

So you are asking, what is a Nikken Consultant? I wondered that too. I told her upon making my appointment that I felt like I was speaking a foreign language when booking my appointment. I didn't understand anything about Nikken. I said my friend had suggested I try the "Emotion Code". Heather suggested I visit online at  On this website you will learn the basics and more of what Nikken and Emotion Code are.

The website reads, "By learning 'The Body Code System for Ultimate Energy Healing and Body Balancing System', you will gain tools to help yourself by releasing the blocks that hold you back from being totally healthy, from being successful in business, and from finding love and happiness in your life. You will be much better able to find and correct the underlying imbalances that are preventing you from having the health and happiness that may be currently avoiding you!

The reality is that you are a powerful being, fully capable of things that may lie far beyond your wildest dreams at this point. I will teach you in 'The Body Code System for Ultimate Energy Healing and Body Balancing' that you CAN heal, and that you CAN help yourself and those you love, in very easy and simple ways, that can help them to be free of all kinds of pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally."

At least I had some background before I set out on the appointment. When I arrived, Heather asked that I drink a glass of water she was offering. I thought to myself, that I wasn't thirsty enough to drink water but then she went on to say that this was not just tap water. It was part of her routine to help you cleanse your body and fuel it. She said she was using a Nikken product called PiMag Water Technology. It begins with a high-tech, multiple-stage filtration system based on natural materials to clean water without chemicals. It adds Nikken magnetic technology and ceramic elements that impart minerals to produce pi water, known in Asia for decades as “the water of life.” The result is a unique water system that is more environmentally sound, more cost-effective and more practical than commercially bottled water.

She continued to explain to me that in "The Emotion Code", she was taught by renowned holistic physician and lecturer Dr. Bradley Nelson who explains and teaches the inner workings of the subconscious mind. He reveals how emotionally-charged events from your past can still be haunting you in the form of “trapped emotions”; emotional energies that literally inhabit your body.

Heather explained how trapped emotions can create pain, malfunction and eventual disease. In addition, trapped emotions can exert a dramatic effect on how you think, the choices that you make, and how successful you will be.

She went on to explain how  trapped emotional energies will often gather around the heart, creating a “Heart-Wall” that may block you from giving and receiving love freely.

"The Emotion Code" is a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage. Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties. I thought wow, I never knew such therapies even existed. This is why I feel it is so important to learn as many new things as I can within the holistic realm and share it with you. If this can help me, perhaps it can help you too!

Now you are wondering where the Nikken part fits in? I was wondering that too. In Heather's advertisement in Sacandaga Sun Magazine it reads:  "Nikken is a program to help maintain your health. They are products that are designed to help you breathe fresh air, drink clean water, enjoy sweet dreams and improve your lifestyle." You can learn more about the Nikken products via her website,

Trapped emotional energies are identified through muscle testing and released using magnetic healing via the body's energy pathways called meridians. It is a gentle, yet profoundly effective technique. Sessions are specifically targeted to whatever is not flowing in your life. Upon entering the therapy room, I noticed lots of green plants, soft melodic music playing, and was asked to remove my sneakers. I took of my sneakers and glasses and Heather asked me if I had anything metal in me or on me. I said, no, only my bra. She said that was ok, she could work around that. The room had a padded table set out as well as some lovely wicker chairs. She asked that I lay face down on the table that was really soft. My face lay in a special head rest where you can breathe freely and relax.

She asked if she could unhook my bra but leaving it on, she would be able to maneuver easily around it to perform the therapy by using a precision made, double magnetic roller. When an emotion is brought into the conscious brain, using kinesiology, it causes an imbalance in the governor meridian (the area that stores emotions in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture).

The specialized magnetic roller corrects the imbalance. As it travels down the back, the spinning magnets inside the roller generate a magnetic field that balances the energy flow in the meridian and the emotion is released Heather said. I asked, how can this help me? Heather stated, "the release of trapped emotions enables you to react more positively in difficult situations. It can reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Physically, the release can alleviate symptoms aggravated by trapped emotions.

I lay there thinking what am I going to think about while this treatment happens. For me, my mind never shuts off. I lay there and began a personal meditation to completely relax myself to allow for the best treatment I could possibly receive. I felt very relaxed. When Heather was using the roller on my back it felt really good. It was close to what a massage would feel like. Then when she wasn't using the roller, she was placing her hands on my spine at various places up and down it. Her hands were very warm. Her hands by themselves I thought felt like a heating pad on my back. So that felt really good. In between the roller or her hands doing what they were doing, she was taking in deep breaths and letting them out and saying these numbers, which made no sense to me then. It was like she was asking her "higher power" for an answer for a particular number and when she received it, she would stop and begin all over again on a different spot on my spine. It just felt good all over. When she was done she asked me to roll over on my  back and I just lay there with my eyes closed as I was so relaxed. I thought to myself, do I take a mini nap now? No, I couldn't do I waited because I didn't know what was to come next.

Then I started to open my eyes and see what she was doing. She was waiting for me to open my eyes! She said, "Did you have a nice relaxing time?" Oh yea, I said. Next she had me sit up to gain my composure back and asked me if I'd like a copy of the work paper she had completed throughout the session. I said yes. She left briefly and returned with my copy which again looked so foreign to me. I asked what the numbers were on the sheet with these states of mood listed? She said those were the ages in which I experienced each event or condition. For example, on my sheet it read, "panic". And then it gave a number after it. She said that was the age in which something in my life created a lot of panic and that it was or has been hidden deep within my subconsciousness, and now it was released. I will feel better and that panic will be gone. The magnets released it from my body and her healing touch repaired any damage I had within my body from that panic period. I just thought, how amazing!

I am skeptical. I have to be honest in saying this right now because for me, this is all so new. I believe in alternative therapies so I am going to follow up on this article soon to report back how I feel. Heather said give myself between one and three days up to a month to feel the complete benefit of this. And I will.

I lay on the bed/table for about 45 minutes before the treatment concluded.

The most common reaction after trapped emotions have been released is the sense of a great weight having been lifted, a sense of lightness, happiness and contentment. Long term, the brain will process all the information formerly attached to the trapped emotions properly. It allows you to become the truly amazing person you were always meant to be, without being held back by your emotions." I'd recommend Heather Loucks for her skill and knowledge in this type of therapy. It's very relaxing and feels good. I was just in awe.

For more information please contact Heather here:
Independent Nikken Consultant
Heather A. Loucks

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