Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Looking for people to write for me in Sacandaga Sun Digest, hugely discounted, $80 a page your cost.
Sacandaga Sun Digest magazine has a commitment to be a platform to profile businesses/or people who are representing alternative solutions while educating persons leading to a positive vision that can both encourage and empower people to make healthy lifestyle decisions. My goal is to create an online and print resource guide for the many alternative, healthy or holistic lifestyles for people or animals, wellness for body, mind and spirit, meditation, highlighting each of these areas. It is also important to us that we give back to our communities and we try to do this through events and donations.
It is important to Sacandaga Sun that we provide reading content to the public and the business sector as a full color magazine/digest that will include topics of interest such as:
Animal Tales Holistic Inspirational Wellness of the Body, Mind or Soul Fitness Organic Home made products or recipes Hand made products Meditation & Yoga Holistic/Alternative Therapies or Healing
I am willing to offer the pages at cost so that I can get some of this great content that I know is out there waiting to be expressed. Normally it would cost people/businesses over $200 for a single page in the digest. I want the enlightening articles. It promotes the positive environment I am working on creating within my publication. People are tired of reading everyday things and all the negativity that is out there. They WANT to read our publication and they do read it or subscribe to it. I want you to become a part of it and grow with us. I will offer you so much more beyond traditional advertising methods to help you grow your business as well. I believe in this that much in that I want to give back to the businesses as well. Won't you join us?
Editor/Publisher, Shelley Brienza

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We are Affiliated with Many...

I also wanted to let you know that we are affiliated with many wonderful companies from around the world that offer some pretty spectacular, healthy living lifestyle choices for you. I will send out the ads for them on here from time to time.

Today we have Bambeco. Great eco-friendly product line.

Take a look!

Bambeco Spring Category

Far Reaching

I wanted to touch base on some of the many ways we reach out and let others know of your business. We use our own website at www.sacandagasun.com or sometimes we use our sister site at www.sacandagadigest.com for your business articles. When you advertise with us, you will be seen!

We use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Taciture, our blog here, other websites that we network with, www.willowtreewisdom.com and www.psychiclisaann.com, You Tube, Pinterest, Spreaker online radio and Blog Talk Radio. All this as well as being in print, that is also sold online and available in digital formats, subscriptions online or in print or apps that you use. Again, you are being seen!

Everyone will get all this and a free online listing in our web directory with your pre paid advertising.

It's really important for you to know how hard we work to help grow your business. The Social Media marketing platform is just one part of the spectrum that Sacandaga Sun uses. Our newest method to reach your market is by you participating in our events. Our first event/expo we held earlier this year was a success!

We are working hard now to plan out our next event that will be bigger and better than ever! Our locations will vary from time to time so that we can reach new markets. When we figure out all the details, we will be sure to let you know!

We are looking for people/businesses to join us as we create a network of like minded individuals. We are all here to teach one another. There are many healthy lifestyle choices available today and it is our goal to share them with you.

Your Publisher,

Shelley Brienza
Sacandaga Sun Digest