Thursday, February 23, 2012

About Sacandaga Sun/Shelley D. Brienza

About Sacandaga Sun/Shelley D. Brienza

While expanding the growth of Sacandaga Digest Publishing, nestled in the southern tip of the Adirondack Mountains, which primarily was based online ( with our business magazine feature articles, and seven years into the making, I have decided to move my ideas and motivations to a print piece.

It has long been a dream of mine to produce an upscale magazine showcasing the roles of many who offer solutions to some of life's problems and ultimately lead people to make healthy lifestyle choices. Welcome to the Sacandaga Sun Holistic Resource Guide magazine online and in print!

Our motto of “Communication, Education, Sharing and Vitality” will start as a seed of information growing in time to a full bloom, embracing a positive outlook, creativity, discovery and growth for the mind, body and spirit.

It is my goal to bring new ideas and resources into our reader's lives. Sacandaga Sun, through its magazines, ads, and editorial content, will be a vessel to inform area people about positive wellness management principles in everyday life and will encourage interaction among citizens as business people and the community alike.

I ask the public and business sector to participate online and voice your opinions, comments, concerns or suggestions for future editions via our Facebook page or at the website found at:

Creative expression is a healthy and rewarding part of life. It allows you to embrace your individuality, while connecting with others. The magazine has a commitment to be a platform to profile businesses who are representing alternative solutions while educating persons leading to a positive vision that can both encourage and empower people to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

Our Goal

What is my mission? My goal is to create a resource guide for all kinds of alternative, healthy lifestyle, holistic lifestyle, Eco- Green choices available or Arts and Music, Education, History postings, Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit, Meditation, Yoga and even classified listings for anything that falls within our categories.

When you break down what each section entails, it is a lot to learn. And learning is what I hope to be able to provide you with through reading my articles. Sacandaga Sun will be providing to the public and the business sector a full color magazine that will include topics of interest such as:

~ Healthy Living

~ Holistic/Alternative Therapies or Healing

~ Eco-Green

~ Meditation & Yoga

~ Art & Music

~ History & Education

I will also offer a classified advertising section.

Upcoming posts on will go more into detail in what we are looking for from you, the public or business sector within each section of the magazine. This is in part a community effort. I strive to offer a platform to people to get their message out or help educate others in opportunities to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Kindly, Editor-in Chief,

Shelley D. Brienza

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We are Published!


I just wanted to let you know that we have been published and the magazines are making their way around town now. I am getting rave reviews and people want to see more! That is a great start! I wanted to give thanks to Elizabeth Emery of Emery Designs for working so hard on this with me. She created all my advertising and helped to put the magazine together. Kristi Dunlap, for helping with last minute tech issues. Quad Graphics did an excellent job printing it as well. Thank you, Lisa at Tegeo's Hot Dogs in downtown Gloversville for sharing your enthusiasm with your own customers, as you were featured in this preview issue. Thank you to Don Savoie of Northeast Natural Floor Finishes for showcasing the magazine in his store window, also in downtown Gloversville, NY. Thank you to Psychic Lisa Ann for sharing her talents with us and writing some positive words for people to read. And thank you to my writing contributors and everyone else for hanging with me till this got finished.

We are currently working on our the Premiere Edition now, which will be even better and more in depth than the "sneak peak" issue that is out there now. In the upcoming issue, we will be working closely with Mohawk Harvest Co-Op and learning about all the wonderful things they offer.

Very Truly,
Your Editor-in-Chief,
Shelley D. Brienza

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Calling All Business Owners of Holistic Nature

Hi ,

I wanted you to know if you are the owner of a local business that promotes well being in any manner, that we, at Sacandgasun Magazine, wish to have you  advertise with us as your place represents what subject matter we want to share with people. We are working closely with other businesses that share these same ideals of sharing and learning from one another. We can offer you a platform to tell all on your business subject...we are working on the next issue now and would LOVE to have you join us! Let me know if you have any questions or would want to talk to one of our sales reps or myself.

Kind Regards,
Shelley Brienza
Owner: Sacandaga Sun