Monday, November 19, 2012

New Year, New You with Sacandaga Sun Holistic Digest

As you look to 2013 and start building your case for marketing dollars, consider the following related critical questions:

  • Share of voice/Communication. How does your brand’s presence stack up against your competitive set in terms of not just audience size (number of fans, followers, pinners, etc.), but level of engagement? How engaged are your customers compared to your competitors? How many people are talking about your brand, in what context, and how frequently?
  • Conversations. Are you having conversations with your customers? If not, you need to re-examine your content strategy — conversations put the “social” in social media. Stop speaking at your audience and start speaking with them. Creating dialogues and followers in print will increase your brand affinity and begin to tip the revenue scales in your favor.
  • Advocates. Do you have any “super fans” or “super followers”? If you do, are you leveraging their passion for your brand? If not, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to dial up your earned media and tap into extended audiences who may not use your brand today, but may now be compelled to try it, thanks to Aunt Susie’s glowing recommendation. These wonderful brand ambassadors may be among your fans, simply waiting for you to notice, engage and activate them.
  • Product guidance. Are you asking your customers questions to learn what they like or dislike about your product or service? Social media provides marketers and enterprises access to a huge, free real-time focus group. Organizations need to leverage social networks to help guide product direction, because in the end it will save your company from making timely and costly mistakes. Often you don’t even need to ask; simply listen. As an example, Lands’ End recently changed the zipper on one of its popular children’s jackets, and the comments about the poor quality of the new zipper were deafening in the social space. Lands’ End may not have asked, but I can’t imagine that it hasn’t heard the overwhelming response. I strongly suspect it will be bringing back the old zipper next year. Let Sacandaga Sun Holistic Digest create a marketing campaign for you!
  • Ad Creation. Create an ad that fits in your budget that not only supports you financially, but which speaks to your soul and energizes you. We can help you with this.
  • Consistency. Remember, the choices you make now affect the opportunities you have in the future. Consistent advertising with Sacandaga Sun is key.
  • Ask for help. Start looking for examples of ads or people who already advertise with us and may already be doing what you want. Call them, invite them out to lunch and find out how they got there. Soak up their inspiration. Take notes on their advertising journey with Sacandaga Sun.
  • Educate and Share. Reinvent the way yourself, do what you love, create your "Right Livelihood" and make the world a better place!    
  • Here are some examples that you can work from to create a spectacular advertising campaign with us:
  • 1)   If you are a Health Coach that specializes in gluten free living you could put together an ad of your top 10 gluten free recipes.  Since it is the New Year, you could even offer a special section on gluten free holiday cooking.
    2)   If you are the owner of a yoga studio you could offer ten yoga classes for the price of five and advertise it.
    3)   If you are a Reiki practitioner you could record an audio of a 15-minute meditation with beautiful music playing in the background that the purchaser could download to their mp3 player and advertise it.
    4)   Join forces with another wellness provider to offer a combo-package. As a massage therapist you could partner with a yoga studio giving a combined discount package on both services. You could even include a five or six page report that explains the increased benefits of yoga & massage when done in conjunction with one another and design an ad in Sacandaga Sun for it.
Whatever you decide to do please keep in mind that this is an enormous opportunity to grow your business, (a strategic goal of every business owner).  This is an opportunity to reach clients that you may not have previously reached. We are a national magazine/digest. Having a plan of what to offer, pricing it at a great value and then providing excellent customer service is the perfect plan to build your business during this amazing New Year, New You- Advertising Campaign with Sacandaga Sun Holistic Digest.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be elaborate or complicated. Consider this as another exciting and fun way to market your business while increasing your income potential through Sacandaga Sun Holistic Digest.  No more procrastination! Make the decision now to participate. 

Shelley D. Brienza
Sacandaga Sun Digest Magazine
61 Elmwood Ave., PMB 181
Gloversville, NY 12078
P Think before you print!

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