Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Making Everyday Practices Work Harder For You

So you want to chose healthy foods for your family and yourself? Did you know that some simple everyday changes can add up to big health benefits? Try some of these nice additions to your health regimen.

~ Best bet for Garlic, High temperatures destroy garlics health properties. Allinase is garlics most important cancer fighting enzyme. and since most people cook their garlic, they're unwittingly destroying the nutritional value! does that mean that you have to eat raw garlic forever? Thankfully the answer is no. You can just preserve the nutritional value just by doing the following:

After chopping, let the crushed garlic stand for about 10 to 15 minutes before adding it to a sizzling pan. according to scientists at the National Cancer Institute, doing this allows the garlic to generate compounds that blunt the damaging effects of heat.

~Shaving nick? Try using lip balm to instantly stop the bleeding!

~How to open clogged sinuses in 30 seconds... Simply rub the "Yingxlang" accupressure point at the base of your intraoribital nerve. Finding this spot is easy. Just place your index finger on either side of your nose right next to the each nostril. Then press and rub the spot for 30 seconds. Doing so will clear your sinus cavity for up to an hour, says and MD at Columbus University of College Physicians and Surgeons.

~ For Women, How to boost your mood.... According to United Kingdoms Open Universitythey say that looking at a photo album will make you feel significantly better. I guess that would depend on what kind of pictures you were looking at too.

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