Monday, March 5, 2012

Good Karma

Here is how to GIVE  and GET BACK!

Sell for cash:  Cell Phones and they plant a tree for each one they buy.


Donate for good karma: donates 100% of proceeds to organizations that combat domestic violence.

Sell for cash: Digital camera's, even if you camera is slightly worn or outdated, they will buy it to recycle or sell for parts.


Donate for good karma:, The Global Classroom Connection sends used cameras to schools around the world, pairing peer classes in a high-tech pen-pal program.

Sell for cash: Laptops, before throwing out your old laptop, which can release hazardous material into the environment, check out this site.


Donate for good karma:, The National Cristina Foundation (NCF) provides computers to disabled citizens, students and low-income families.

Sell for cash:  Gaming systems, games are refurbished and resold.


Donate for good karma:, is a non-profit organization that brings consoles and video games to children's hospital and health care facilities.

Sell for cash: DVD's/CD's, refurbishes and recirculates used discs.


Donate for good karma:, sells used CD's and DVD's and donates 100% proceeds to their local SPCA, in New York.

Sell for cash: MP3 Players
Get top dollar for your music player at this site. which refurbishes and resells used electronics.


Donate for good karma: They take your gently used MP3 players to the Wounded Heros and Music (WHAM) program at to help veterans with PTSD, illness or wounds.

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