Sunday, December 11, 2011


"HOLIDAY" — Originally from Old English 'HOLY DAY' 

We are in the process of laying out the magazine now. Finally, we will have something in hand to show. The New Year should bring in some new memories. 

We know the power of the positive can give you an upbeat attitude and boost your spirits. Research showed in 2009 by the American Heart Association that women who expected good rather than bad lived longer. They were less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure or diabetes. Another study showed that what people thought was a bright outlook didn't just affect performance but the immune system as well. That means that increasing optimism and, conversely, decreasing pessimism has the potential to affect day - to - day interactions as well as general health and welfare. Those rose-colored glasses don't look so bad anymore, do they?

So smile! The holidays are coming and do something good for yourself, become your own gift of health!

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