Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mohawk Harvest Food Co Op Store; It's all LOCAL and It's ALL GOOD!

Mohawk Harvest has a mission to support local farmers and producers and to provide their members and the public (consumers) with the best LOCAL products available. 

Not only do they offer the above but they give back and that is something that we at Sacandaga Sun highly believe in. They have raised so far, $2000 to give to the flood victims of area farms. 

Where can you gain access to LOCAL foods and products at a reasonable price? Or build a network of LOCAL providers? Where can you help promote our communities and their well being and environmental concerns? Mohawk Harvest!

Not only do they support LOCAL economy sustainability by becoming a valuable resource while providing a sense of community, they educate you about nutrition through on-going educational outreach programs. And they actually go out into the farm fields and hand pick the produce they want in the store! I think that says a lot!

Why not consider joining the co op of Mohawk Harvest and enjoy the benefit of their member-owned store and help support the community in which we live. 

Your Editor-in-Chief,
Shelley D. Brienza

Visit here for more information: http://mohawkharvest.org/index.html

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