Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Summer Time!

Hello and Good Afternoon All-

Happy 1st Day of the Summer Solstice! What have you got planned for today to celebrate this beautiful day?

solstice is an astronomical event that happens twice each year when the Sun's apparent position in the sky, as viewed from Earth, reaches its northern most or southern most extremes. The name is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), because at the solstices, the Sun stands still in declination; that is, the apparent movement of the Sun's path north or south comes to a stop before reversing direction.
The term solstice can also be used in a broader sense, as the date (day) when this occurs. The solstices, together with the equinoxes, are connected with the seasons. In some cultures they are considered to start or separate the seasons, while in others they fall nearer the middle. 

Sacandaga Sun is gearing up for the summer by gathering all the sources out there that want to join us in our quest to teach others about what is available locally to help people live a healthier life. 
If you have a special event you'd like to share please post it on the blog and we will incorporate it into the magazine in print as well as online. 
Have a blessed day,

Shelley B.
Your editor in chief

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