Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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I wanted to touch base today with one of our sections of the magazine that will be highlighting many of our own talented persons in the Art & Music business. There are so many! Recently I attended a local concert and I wanted to share with you my experience. It was great!

In the Flesh- The Glove Theater

By Shelley D Brienza/Sacandaga Sun Magazine

Elizabeth (Betsy) Emery did a fantastic job with the light show and graphic light design that entertained us all across the walls and ceiling as Aaron Mittler and his band performed a remarkable show for all that attended. The circular screen that hung above the band while they played gave us a show of its own. Amazing graphics danced across the screen pulling you into each song that was performed. The whole package was here, lights, sound and music and singing extraordinaire!

“In the Flesh-A Tribute to Pink Floyd” was held at the Glove Theater in downtown Gloversville on Saturday, June 4th. It appeared to be a full house as the community poured in. I hadn’t been in the “Glove” since I was a child. Although the theater is still in its renovation period, I thought the auditorium still held its charm. The ceiling looked great in what again appeared to have been recently worked on. The show was set up with a few tables and chairs on the upper portion of the freshly painted floors, with a concession stand of sorts available as well as alcohol, soda or water as you entered, a bit more grown up offerings than as a child visiting.

The downward slope of the rest of the room had chairs set up for the audience as well as a slew of security personnel on hand.

The band members of Aaron Mittler, lead singer/guitar player, Mike Ralbovsky/ guitar and vocals, “Goose” on drums, Jeff Baldwin/keyboards and vocals, Anthony Pazzaglia/bass and vocals and Tony Ficcili on a saxophone and all singing at various times equaled one extraordinary talented group of men!

The Pink Floyd music resonated throughout the entire auditorium with their impressive sound that literally gave me goose bumps for each song they played. I wanted to get up and dance as the music infiltrated into my every being. Some people did actually get up and dance a few songs. They were that good! If you ever see that this band is playing in a city near you, I highly recommend checking them out, as you will not be disappointed!

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