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Sacandaga Digest/T.H.I.N.K. Newsletter August Edition

Have we got a lot to discuss! It's so exciting that I am hoping you can feel all this too! I have so many things to offer you this month!

Can you believe it is August already?? Where is the year going? Now is the time to hop on board with us at Sacandaga Digest/T.H.I.N.K. because do we ever have a platform to tell you all about !!

This month our sponsor's are:
~Virgo Massage & Body Works
~Willow Tree Wisdom
~Elemental Gardens
~It's all About Energy
~Coryelle Kramer, Psychic Communicator
~Kelly Pickering, Team Northrup

We are sponsoring an event on 9/15 at the Perthshire, Route 30N, Perth. Our goal is to educate you on the different modalities of alternative health and an over all feeling of well-being. Whatever it is that you do that contributes to making people feel good about themselves is why we want you to participate. Some of you may not be typically considered "holistic", but we still consider you because you are part of the "whole self" in which your service does help make people feel good. From outside the house to inside the home, from pets to gardens, from jewelry to art, we all are part of the "whole self". We still have openings for vendors and admission for the public is $6, under 12 free. We hope you will join us!


As some of you know we have been building a new platform for you to use under Sacandaga Digest Publishing. We are still fine tuning the wonderful aspects that will be available for you to access, but the wait will definitely be worth it for you. As we go along here each month I will try to introduce what areas are finished so you can keep learning what we are all about.

I recommend that you sign up to receive our Sacandaga Sun Blog as well. You can find that here:

When can you access this?

You may access this service as soon as you become a paid member.

The reason WHY we are creating this platform is because we BELIEVE that it is important to have a central location where people can locate any holistic business information and self-publishing support.

The feeling of fulfillment comes from helping someone else. This is part of WHY we want to do this. We are inspired to do good for others.

Become part of the creation of teams of inspirational businesses or writers where we can do good for others who will in turn do good for another. It’s possible. Who doesn’t want to feel good? We can offer a platform for you to do good and feel good doing good. 

We are building a network of holistic businesses throughout the state of New York and beyond.  We welcome all area businesses with an interest in holistic health and green living.
Our goal is to develop a thriving community of holistic businesses with a wide range of interests. You will want to become a part of this!

We are planning on holding many events to expand and grow your business with. Come on out, get connected to other like-minded individuals and businesses, and catch the excitement of our network!

Sacandaga Digest T.H.I.N.K. (The Holistic Interconnected Network of Knowledge)

Who are we?

Under the direction of Publisher, Shelley Brienza, Sacandaga Digest Publishing and Sacandaga Digest publication, T.H.I.N.K. was created to promote members within the holistic integrative practices.

What are we?

We are an annual service that you buy into to receive extraordinary benefits. We are a vehicle to help you grow your business in a non-traditional way. We are a network of like-minded individuals that will share knowledge of the body, mind and spirit realm by teaching others what is available as alternative wellness or holistic lifestyle choices. As people’s awareness has grown to understand the inter-connections between mind, body, spirit and soul, or put another way, everything is inter-related, nothing is separate, and we believe we are here to help share all that information with everyone.


When can you access this?

You may access this service as soon as you become a paid member.

The reason WHY I am creating this platform is because I BELIEVE that it is important to have a central location nationwide where people can locate any holistic business information. The feeling of fulfillment comes from helping someone else. This is part of WHY I want to do this. I am inspired to do good for others.

Become part of the creation of teams of inspirational businesses where we can do good for others who will in turn do good for another. It’s possible. Who doesn’t want to feel good? I can offer a platform for you to do good and feel good doing good. 

Why do YOU need this network?

1. Networking

Make important business connections.

2. Credibility

Being a member says you belong to the Sacandaga Digest Network (T.H.I.N.K.).

3. Discounts

Save money advertising with us.

4. Seminars or Workshops

Keep your competitive edge as sharp as possible.

5. Special Publications

Targeted, effective and affordable advertising to reach businesses and customers.

6. Referrals

Steering consumers to member businesses.

7. Events

Being a member entitles you to a discount on vendor fees. 

8. Community Affairs

Promotes and recognizes programs that can make our community a better place to live and to do business.

9. Publicity

Free exposure helps your company prosper. Automatically are added to our digest directory listing on our website.

10. Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

We will teach you how to keep a presence online. 

How can I join?  

Contact: Shelley Brienza, Publisher, Sacandaga Digest/T.H.I.N.K. at (518) 705-2521 or email:

More to come on this in the next edition.  


We at Sacandaga Digest have some changes we want to share with you in how we intend on continuing servicing your advertising needs and growing our editorial content in our publication. Sacandaga Sun Digest has been a drop off publication with some mailed to out of state previously. We will likely continue mailing out of state to those contributors that write for us, however, we are expanding our reach by the thousands in the next issue of Sacandaga Digest.

We are changing our publication name to : Sacandaga Digest/T.H.I.N.K. to encompass a broader range of holistic businesses and practitioners. We will still do drop offs in many more cities than we ever did before too. The major change we are offering you is that we will now become a direct mail publication, mailed to every home, apartment, business or PO Box address in Fulton and Montgomery Counties. Your ad or article will now reach over 50,000 individual persons in their mail boxes! This is a HUGE increase for your advertising dollars! And it is still just as affordable if not more affordable than we were before.

Sacandaga Holistic Digest
(Direct Mail Print Magazine)

We are now offering two magazines; one for Fulton County and one for Montgomery County. Each is a separate deadline from the other. Each magazine is printed every other month, meaning each edition is “out there” for two months. Value of an ad is for two-month time span. We recommend booking an ad for both editions to reach the 50,000 homes and businesses by direct mail.  

*Delivery totals based upon December 2012 U.S. Post Office figures. Figures subject to change based on current population.
Zip Codes Location Delivery
12010 Amsterdam (Perth) 13,766
13317 Canajoharie (Ames) 1,755
12068 Fonda 1,386
12069 Fort Hunter 130
13339 Fort Plain 2,838
12072 Fultonville 1,166
12086 Hagaman 848
13410 Nelliston 259
13428 Palatine Bridge 743
13452 St. Johnsville 2,208
12177 Tribes Hill 361
Approx: 25,000*

Your advertisement or article will reach 25,000 homes and businesses as listed here. The delivery number shows you how many magazines will be direct mailed to each of those cities and towns or villages.

And then, we will do an additional 5,000 magazines as drop offs in these locations to expand on your reach!

Surrounding Area Drops
• Dolgeville • Fort Johnson • Frankfort
• Herkimer • Illion • Little Falls
• Mohawk • Newport • Poland
• Richfield Springs • Salisbury Center
• Sharon Springs • Sprakers
• Van Hornsville
Up to an additional 5,000 magazines!

In addition to being in every mailbox in each county and these additional cities/towns, with your pre paid advertising,  you will receive a Free Digest Directory Listing for Life on the Sacandaga Digest website.

*Delivery totals based upon December 2012 U.S. Post Office figures. Figures subject to change based on current population.

Zip Codes Location Delivery
12025 Broadalbin 2,694
12032 Caroga Lake 798
12078 Gloversville 11,137
12095 Johnstown 6,176
12117 Mayfield 1,616
12134 Northville (Edinburg) 2,263

Again, take note of how many editions of the publication will be delivered to each village, town or city within Fulton County. That's another 25,000 issues direct mailed to every home and business! 

Surrounding Area Drops (addt’l 5000)
• Ballston Spa • Galway
• Lake Pleasant
• Rock City • Speculator
• Saratoga Springs

Approx: 25,000*

And once again, we will do another 5.000 additional issues to be used as drop offs in Saratoga County and Hamilton County in addition to the 25,000 already reaching everyone in Fulton County. 

I know it's a lot to absorb and I will try to break it down so you can understand this expansion.
However, we are super excited to be able to offer you this platform to grow your business! I will personally help you in all aspects of growing your business or maybe you want to become one of our regular columnists and create a following for your business and share your knowledge. 

We are the LARGEST direct mail publication in all of Fulton and Montgomery Counties!

This magazine will be available in various locales of NYS. Currently we reach Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady, Orange, Herkimer, Albany and Saratoga counties. Our goal is to encompass eastern New York State. Many of the advertisers are involved with distributing our magazine because they strongly believe in our mission, in turn, helping us generate a solid following to support your business.

We wanted to create something that leaves a good feeling in people as well as educate them on what is available to them right now in their own back yards or are easily accessible. We are a niche publication, working on the October/November, Fulton County issue, which is scheduled for release during the second week of October.

Our magazine offers a special area of demand for products and services that are rapidly growing into a way of life for many people. We have several major factors in our favor: We are the least expensive advertising company. If your advertising budget concerns you, why not go with a company who can give you the most for your money while distributing to a target market who is looking for you. Not only does your advertising dollars buy you two months of circulated publication throughout Fulton and Montgomery Counties and beyond, but also consumers do not throw our material away. Our product is kept for future reference because of its usefulness unlike an expensive newspaper type advertisement that is here today, gone tomorrow. 

I would like to invite you to step outside the box and join us. 

Think of the possibilities advertising with us could mean to your business when the growing market of people who are dedicated to a healthy and positive lifestyle know you support their standard of living. Considering the economy, word of mouth is not enough, especially if consumers do not know you exist. The holiday season is nearly upon us. Here is what you can do to grow your business: You can join us in this emerging market by placing an ad or article that will show who you are or what you are all about. 

Each edition section will become a clip out section that you can save and put into a binder to create your very own personal resource guide to keep for alternative modalities.

Visit our website at, it will explain all in detail, and with pricing at As a bonus, online advertising is FREE with your pre-paid print advertising. You can pay directly online, securely and safely via PayPal. An account is not needed to pay or reserve your ad or article space. I highly recommend that you try us out by buying a pre-paid SPOT AD for only $80 a month. For $80 you will be reaching 25,000 homes and businesses!! You will not find anything as affordable as this and we are happy to be able to offer you this everyday low ad pricing.

In addition to participating in this new format of Sacandaga Digest, please participate in our FREE “Lucky Numbers” promotion where you and the public can win valuable gift certificates and great gifts from many area businesses. Everybody’s a winner! This is a great marketing tool called "Lucky Numbers" which helps direct consumer traffic to our shared website. With this fun, interactive program we offer additional incentives to the consumer. And we’ll promote each business that takes part in this program for FREE…. driving more traffic to your door! (Contact me for further information.)

At present, we will direct mail to over 50,000 homes and businesses, apartments, and P.O. Boxes. We have an online presence with Facebook, Pinterest, You Tube, our personal blog,, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

With your permission, we will continue to send you Sacandaga Digest Newsletter updates. Please share this letter with whomever you feel it will benefit. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed with an open mind. We give back to the community through our various events we hold and encourage any consideration for future donations.

Our attractive, full color magazine is printed on a bright, high quality glossy paper and offers a colorful presentation that breaks through the mailbox clutter. It is more durable and cleaner than newsprint and doesn't come off on your hands.

And finally, the main reason we can offer you this fantastic new advertising platform is because
we are participating in  a SHARED MAILING program with other advertisers. We will be inside of Best Choice Magazine in our own HOLISTIC section as Sacandaga Digest Holistic/T.H.I.N.K.. Customers realize substantial savings because the expense of postage and mailing is shared. By placing your ad in a our shared advertising magazine, you are ensured that only interested buyers are looking at your message. Along with a helpful index of advertisers, your message will be easily found again and again.

To receive the professional attention you deserve, email me at:

Abundant Blessings,

Shelley Brienza
Sacandaga Digest/THINK

If you are interested in advertising in this newsletter, it is $20 a month and only 8 spaces are allotted each issue. First come first served. Let us know as soon as you can. Submit your artwork/business card to us at: and we will bill you to reserve your spot. Please support our newsletter advertisers by telling them you have seen them in Sacandaga Digest/T.H.I.N.K. Newsletter!

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of T.H.I.N.K. Newsletter and welcome your comments or suggestions for future editions. 




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