Sunday, January 15, 2012

Anti-Stress Sinus Pillow Product Review

Anti-Stress Sinus Pillow Product Review
By Shelley D. Brienza

For a Christmas gift I received a Sinus Pillow. I thought, oh, that's new to try. So I did. The box reads Anti-Stress Microwavable Sinus Pillow. You warm it up in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds on each side. It's in the shape of a standard eye mask that women use for beauty purposes. The company name is Earth Therapeutics. They have a website found at:

So I read the whole box all over because I was looking for what was the inside of this pillow made of? It didn't tell anywhere on the box at all and that is a big no-no in my book. The box stated how this product could be used hot or cold depending on your needs or desires.

It has an adjustable elastic band attached to it. It's a cozy, pink material that is very soft to the touch. It reads that the eye mask cover is removable and washable in a machine. That's a plus. It says to use it to warm the forehead to soothe and relieve sinus and tension headaches. Or you can use it cold by putting it in the freezer, in a clean, unused sealable plastic bag, to use for soothing of tired, strained and puffy eyes. So don't use it on your eyes warm and do use it on your eyes cold. The box says it is a wellness product or a spa product, good for the earth and good for you. I'm not sure how it is good for the earth. The only part that would possibly be good for the earth is that the box is a recyclable plastic.

The company Earth Therapeutics is located in Plainview, NY, which was hopeful when reading this box but then I see in smaller print, product of China. The U.S. cannot even produce its own all natural, wellness product. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Someday, somewhere, maybe someone will have a place of business that operates completely within the American ways from head to toe. Wishful thinking I know. So upon really looking at this pillow I read the tags that were attached and there I found what the contents of this product were made of. Rice. Plain rice. Interesting concept, that is, as I was wondering what would hold in all that heat for an extended period of time. It did hold the heat in it for quite a while. I timed it to be about 20 minutes.

This Sinus Pillow did have a couple negative aspects to it. One, was the box didn't share all the information on the product on the outside so you can know all the facts before purchasing it and secondly, it smells when you heat it up. It doesn't smell like you just cooked a batch of white rice exactly, but it does carry this kind of unpleasant odor about it. Maybe it goes away in time, I am not sure. It just didn't add to the experience of what was supposed to be this soothing, spa like experience. They also recommend that you discard this product after approximately 6 months as it will not last forever in its effectiveness.

Over all, I would rate this product on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the greatest thing ever, a 7. It's better than good, but not super excellent. I'd give it a try if you want to experience something new that would cost a lot less than visiting a genuine spa.

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